Housing and Community Development Project Manager


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This is a professional position responsible for overseeing and managing the implementation of Rockland County’s housing strategies and related policies to address
housing challenges and community development needs within the County. The work is performed under the general supervision of the Director, Community Development and supervision may be provided to others assisting with housing development related activities. Does related work as required.

Implements and oversees housing strategies and efforts to address housing and community development needs within Rockland County;
Oversees the allocation of grant funding and revolving loan funds, and identifies and addresses the potential impacts on county development resulting from proposed initiatives;
Establishes funding opportunities to promote housing and community development objectives;
Manages housing-related grants from HUD and county awards, while pursuing diverse funding streams for housing and community development initiatives;
Provides assistance and support on housing matters to advisory boards and committees, local municipalities, stakeholders and the public;
Assists in the development and implementation of housing and revitalization plans and studies;
Acts as a liaison to public and private agencies involved in housing and community development by providing information, answering questions, and educating others;
Acts a project manager and primary point of contact for commercial housing development;
Assists with the implementation of housing development projects and programs, including facilitating developer solicitation and selection;
Evaluates regulatory measures and their efforts on housing, economic development and revitalization;
Creates materials for housing planning workshops and forums;
Conducts housing and community development studies and recommends policies and strategies;
Prepares a variety of detailed housing and community development reports;
Attends and participates in professional conferences and seminars and reviews professional literature to remain up-to-date on current housing issues;
Performs a variety of special housing projects as needed;
May be required to speak and present at conferences, seminars, trainings, etc. on housing and community development issues.

Thorough knowledge of methods utilized to address housing and community development challenges; thorough knowledge of housing incentives, subsidy layering and government programs (e.g., HOME, NYS Homes and Community Renewal (NYSHCR), Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)); thorough knowledge of the principles and practices as they pertain to project management and ability to apply project management principles to a housing and community development environment; good knowledge of the rules, regulations, guidelines and directives pertaining to housing and community development programs; ability to conduct research and prepare a variety of reports; ability to disseminate information to potential developers and community partners; ability to stay updated on the
latest developments in the housing industry; ability to manage complex housing projects; ability to supervise the work of others; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with government and community agencies, housing developers, municipal officials, contractors, general public, etc.;

Alexandra Obremski

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