Manager, Planning & Community Development

City of Duluth
City of Duluth

To plan, direct, supervise, and evaluate the operations and staff of the Planning & Community Development Division, and supervise complex reviews to ensure development projects are in conformance with Comprehensive Plan and federal and state grant program guidelines.

The City of Duluth’s Planning & Economic Development Department seeks candidates for the position of Planning & Development Manager. The Manager will provide leadership and day-to-day guidance and oversight for the four teams in the Planning & Development division, including housing development, development and business services, planning, and grants and compliance.


1. Supervise the development and administration of programs regarding community development and housing.

2. Prepare, control, and monitor the Division’s budget, expenditures, and administration of grant funds.

3. Formulate, implement, review, evaluate, and amend policies, objectives, goals, and plans.

4. Coordinate the review, evaluation, and processing of applications for land use related actions in adherence with federal and state statutes, local ordinances, regulations, Comprehensive Plan, and accepted business practice.

5. Manage environmental review process, including ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and procedures; overseeing preparation of Environmental Assessment Worksheets and other environmental review documents and procedures; and preparing documents related to environmental determinations.

6. Identify and apply relevant statutes, ordinances, or regulations in response to specific questions or conditions; respond to questions and provide information to the public; provide explanation of and negotiate application requirements and issues; and make recommendations accordingly.

7. Attend meetings with project proposers, developers, boards, commissions, and staff to identify and resolve problems.

8. Direct, coordinate, and analyze the development of ordinances and resolutions for City Council consideration and present specifics at Council meetings.

9. Effectively recommend the hire, transfer, promotion, discipline, suspension, or discharge of assigned employees.

10. Direct, coordinate, and analyze the development of studies, grants, programs, activities, and legislation.

11. Direct contract negotiations with sub grantees of the Community Development program and with the City’s housing program agents.

12. Audit, monitor, and evaluate Divisional activities for effectiveness, sound fiscal management, and adherence to grant provisions, legal requirements, and Department and City policies.

13. Direct the submission of reports and recommendations to appropriate committees, agencies, and government units.

14. Direct citizen participation processes regarding Community Development and Housing programs.

15. Maintain communication with, and serve as liaison to, the Duluth Economic Development Authority, City Planning Commission, City Council, HRA Board of Commissioners, and other appropriate review bodies, agencies, officials, and other City personnel and units as required.

16. Respond to inquiries, requests, and complaints as necessary.

17. Prioritize, assign, and direct the work of assigned staff, including establishing work standards, effectively recommend employment action, hire, discharge, etc., provide performance evaluations, delegate authority and responsibility, train, and communicate instructions and information.

18. Perform the duties of Land Use Supervisor as assigned and as provided in Chapter 50 of the City code.

19. Other related duties may be assigned.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A. Five (5) years of increasingly responsible experience in the administration of land use regulations, planning, urban development, or equivalent and a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in planning, public administration, geography, urban design, natural resources, business administration, or related field.

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