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The Rockland County Office of Community Development administers the County’s United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants, including but not limited to its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) programs. The department is seeking to hire a Senior Community Builder to assist in the day to day operation of its grant programs.

Candidate must have strong organizational and communications skills as well as the ability to work well with others. The ideal candidate will have a firm grasp of and enthusiasm for the objectives and mission of the Office of Community Development, as well as thorough knowledge of record keeping practices, especially as they pertain to housing programs; good knowledge of Federal laws, rules, and regulations of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); good knowledge of Rockland County community resources and agencies as they pertain to housing programs, especially those that are administered by HUD; good knowledge of community based organizations that address clientele who may be eligible for HUD programs; good knowledge of computer applications and/or automated systems, especially those pertaining the administration of housing programs (e.g. HUD Integrated Disbursement and Information System, SAGE); good knowledge of business arithmetic; ability to maintain records in accordance with established procedures; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Job description:

Reviews bid documents in order to ensure compliance with Federal housing regulations, especially (HUD) regulations;

Attends pre-construction conferences in order to provide and gather information, evaluate problems, ensure compliance with regulations and procedures, etc.;

Assists in the preparation of entitlement grant applications by gathering and coordinating information, completing forms, reviewing HUD requirements for grant applications and ensuring compliance with same, etc.;

Processes vouchers for payment;

Interviews prospective clients to gather information and assess income eligibility in connection with tenant based rental programs, and other programs, as needed;

Prepares lease and reviews documents (i.e. HAP contracts);

Acts as liaison with various County departments and local government and community agencies and refers clients as needed;

Meets with and provides information to landlords and residents;

Conducts and may oversee programmatic inspections in accordance with HUD Housing Quality Standards;

Maintains and updates records of programs;

Monitors program activities and the effectiveness of procedures and services in order to identify the need for new policies and procedures, revisions to existing practices, etc., and makes recommendations, as needed;

Assists in the preparation of program budgets by gathering and organizing data and making

recommendations, as requested;

Conducts community outreach and education as necessary;

Attends and participates in trainings, as required;

Uses computer applications or other automated systems in the completion of assignments;

May assist in the preparation of training for recipients of federal funding (e.g. fair housing, Section 3)

May conduct site visits and subrecipient monitoring for recipients of grant or program funds, as needed;

May review budgets as submitted for funding and analyze for compliance with general underwriting and duplication of benefits regulations;

May perform general office work including filing, copying, purchasing, and maintaining records.

Required Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree or higher and one (1) year of non-clerical experience** that substantially involved work in the area of community development, economic development as it relates to (HUD)***, property management****, land use planning, affordable housing, urban renewal, or comparable experience, or

  1. An Associate’s degree and three (3) years of experience as indicated in (1) above.

**Work experience in the area of community development, land use planning, affordable housing, urban renewal (Section 8, Supportive Housing programs, Housing Choice Vouchers), or related shall include paraprofessional, technical, professional work in these areas and shall not include strictly clerical assignments.

***Economic development as it relates to HUD may include activities such as community engagement, infrastructure development, disaster mitigation, water/energy efficiency, land use planning, regional accessibility, building design, and performance measurement.

****Property management is defined as work experience in the administration and/or operation of commercial, industrial, or residential real estate, performed on behalf of a landlord and/or tenant. Duties of a property manager, or an employee involved in property management, may include activities such as renting property, rent collection, responding to, and addressing maintenance issues, advertising vacancies for landlords, doing credit background checks on tenants, lease management, billing and fee collection, and some construction activities.


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