Message from the NCDA President

BMooreI am honored to serve as your 2016-2017 National Community Development Association (NCDA) president. Thank you for the trust that you have bestowed upon me. As the 42th President of this amazing organization, I am dedicated to doing my best to ensure that we have a very productive year and provide exemplary advocacy, support and services to our members. It is an honor to serve with an exceptional Executive Committee and staff who bring forth a wealth of knowledge, experience, and commitment.

I am optimistic about the future of the association and pleased to report that NCDA is strong, successful, and financially healthy. Our efforts to strengthen and grow the association are continuing to progress. The Membership Committee brought 35 new entitlement cities to our organization this year. We conducted a very successful strategic planning meeting to increase our efficiencies. Our 2016 Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was very prosperous and informative. The immense attendance conveyed a renewed commitment to NCDA and its continued existence as a viable source of support for our members.

Although we have made tremendous strides, we still face many challenges in an arduous fiscal environment. We continue to feel the effects of cuts and budget reductions on the CDBG and HOME programs that drastically impact the quality of life of the people and communities we serve. Despite these challenges, we have done an incredible job in many of our communities across this country, serving the less privileged. However, the battle is still before us. We must collectively work together with a cohesive voice to strengthen our association by taking an active role in the mission and goals of the organization, reaching out to prospective members, participating in committees, and bringing innovative ideas to further enhance the organization.

Thank you for the indefatigable dedication you have to NCDA. The depth of your allegiance to this organization is unparalleled to no other. Together, this will be a great year.


Bonnie Moore (Shreveport, LA)
President, NCDA